Why choose the ZEOS eco-system

Do you import, distribute or manufacture electrical and electronic devices? Through ZEOS, you can fulfill your obligation of "extended liability" at significantly lower fees compared to doing it independently through the FBiH Environmental Protection Fund. Our team is here to help you with the legal procedure, reporting and all other obligations arising from the Rulebook on waste management of electrical and electronic products, see the legal legislation here.

For all information, contact us at +387 33 846 316 or via e-mail alem.kupusovic@zeos.ba.

Benefits you have if you are part of the operator ZEOS eko-sistem d.o.o.

Years of experience in management, statistical analyses of monitoring the flow of placement of new electrical and electronic equipment, as well as disposal of electrical and electronic waste, have created the conditions for a recognizable e-waste management system in our country. ZEOS eco-system d.o.o. is authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of FBiH to be the System Operator for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We have provided all of our System Participants with legal support and a modern and customized electronic application, that is, a reporting system for sold electrical and electronic products, while our cost management provides lower fees for all future and current System Participants. We also leave room for joint marketing activities related to awareness and e-waste collection.

We have created a one-size-fits-all system, efficient, long-term, stable and sustainable. In addition, the electronic e-waste takeover order provides for free disposal of all e-waste of our System Participants and other legal entities, including transportation in the case of large quantities. The entire process is conducted using appropriate documentation.

We provide quality service and support that relieves our System Participants of stress while also guaranteeing the fulfillment of their obligations under the Law and the Rulebook. There are no extra charges for these benefits.

Currently, our ECO family has over 200 large, medium and small System Participants engaged in the sale of electrical and electronic equipment, regularly fulfilling their obligations, with over 3330 e-waste handover orders from all legal entities throughout the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

You become our System Participant by signing the Agreement on the Transfer of the Obligation to Manage and Dispose of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

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In order to develop and improve our business, we provide free consultations to all future as well as current participants of the system regarding this legislation. To book your appointment, fill out the form below:

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