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Company ZEOS eco-system d.o.o. (hereinafter: System Operatoris the first operator of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste Management System in Bosnia and Herzegovina, authorized by the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The System Operator is a legal entity, to which importers, distributors and manufacturers (hereinafter:System Participants) have delegated the obligation to report, manage and dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The legal framework under which the ZEOS eco-system operates is the Law on Waste Management and the Rulebook on Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. You can read all about the legislation here.

The purpose of the establishment of the System Operator is:

  • to ensure that all participants of the system have equal and favorable business conditions,
  • to avoid paying penalty fees prescribed by the Rulebook and to pay lower fees defined by the System Operator instead, for the first placement of new electrical and electronic equipment
  • to facilitate the reporting by the participant of the system for sale or placement of new electrical and electronic equipment
  • to establish a quality and sustainable system of disposal (processing and recycling) of electrical and electronic waste
  • to provide legal support and free consultations for current and future System Participants

The System Operator has been established as a service that is available to its System Participants, to use its knowledge and resources to best facilitate their reporting and fulfillment of their legal obligations. Also, the role of the System Operator is to ensure payment of fees for the placed electrical and electronic equipment which are lower than what importers, manufacturers and distributors would have paid had they done it on their own, which for the participants of the system means the reduction of operating costs. Also, the System Operator takes care of the disposal of electrical and electronic waste by the System Participants.

The Articles of Association of the System Operator and the Decision on the Establishment of the System Operator clearly define the principle of not-for-profit business. Possible profits of the System Operator cannot be paid to the owners but are exclusively used for performing and developing the core activity of the System Operator.

All legal entities can deliver their e-waste free of charge to our disposal system by an electronic order here. Citizens can dispose of their e-waste in our street waste containers or bring it to the nearest recycling yard for free.


Innovation: involving schools and children in e-waste recycling

Equality: for all System Participants to which we provide a unique and secure reporting system for placed products and disposal of e-waste equipment

Stability and trust: a long-term, cost-effective model of transferring extended responsibility of manufacturers, importers or distributors

Non-profit operations: business is not for profit, all profits are invested in the development of the System Operator

Active awareness raising: aiming to change citizens' habits for the improvement of our environment

Expert staff: the Company's supervisory body analyzes and controls business performance through regular sessions

Online system: implementation of IT technologies in business operations, reporting and e-waste collection, online application and database

Corporate social responsibility: we take care of the regular and the overall disposal process on behalf of the System Participants and other e-waste holders


Financing, management, improvement and promotion of the e-waste disposal and recycling process, in compliance with legal regulations, with the aim of environmental protection and sustainable development of the e-waste disposal process for System Participants and all other owners of e-waste.


Our vision is to create a conscious community, which recognizes the danger of improper disposal and treatment of e-waste. We want to establish a stable system of information and recycling of e-waste in our country, which will provide free recycling for System participants, legal entities, our citizens and future generations to come, with a clean and safe environment without this type of waste.


Provide quality service and build solid relationships with our customers.

Maintain the status of the largest and recognizable e-waste collection System Operator in BiH.

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