List of equipment

If your product range contains any of the below specified categories, then you are welcome to be part of our ECO family.

E-equipment by class:

  1. Large household appliances (subclass 1.a - refrigerators and freezers);
  2. Small household appliances;
  3. IT and telecommunication equipment (subclass 3.a - monitors);
  4. Entertainment electronics equipment (subclass 4.a - television sets);
  5. Lighting equipment (subclass 5.a - gas lamps);
  6. Electrical and electronic tools (other than large-scale stationary industrial tools);
  7. Toys, leisure and sports equipment;
  8. Medical instruments (other than instruments which can cause radiation or infection);
  9. Instruments for monitoring and control;
  10. Automated machines.


Types of electrical and electronic equipment (e-equipment)

Large household appliances
  1. Large refrigerating appliances (1a);
  2. refrigerators (1a) and freezers (1a);
  3. air conditioners (1a), other ventilation equipment and air conditioning equipment;
  4. other large appliances for refrigeration, keeping and temporary storage of food;
  5. washing machines, drying machines;
  6. dishwashers;
  7. cookers and electric cookers;
  8. electric plates;
  9. microwave ovens;
  10. other large appliances for cooking and preparing food;
  11. electrical heating appliances;
  12. electric radiators;
  13. other large appliances for heating rooms, beds, chairs;
  14. electric fans.
Small household appliances
  1. vacuum cleaners;
  2. broom vacuum cleaners;
  3. other cleaning appliances;
  4. sewing, knitting machines;
  5. machines for weaving and other types of processing of goods;
  6. irons and other appliances for ironing and other care of goods;
  7. bakers;
  8. frying appliances;
  9. coffee grinders and coffee machines;
  10. equipment for opening or hermetical sealing of containers or packaging;
  11. electric knives;
  12. hair clippers and hair dryers;
  13. teeth cleaning and shaving;
  14. massaging and other body care appliances;
  15. alarm clocks;
  16. wrist watches, devices for measuring, displaying or recording time;
  17. scales.
Information technology (IT) equipment and telecommunication equipment
  1. centralized data processing (subclass 3.a);
  2. 2. large computers and small computers;
  3. printing units, printers and copying equipment;
  4. personal computers (CPU – central processing unit, mouse, monitor (3a) and keyboard included);
  5. laptops (3a), (CPE, mouse, monitor (3a) and keyboard included);
  6. notebook and notepad;
  7. electrical and electronic typing machines;
  8. pocket and desk calculators and other products and equipment for collection, storage, processing, presentation or reporting of information by electronic means;
  9. user terminals and systems;
  10. fax, telex, telephones, public telephones (tokens, cards, metal coins);
  11. cordless phones and mobile phones;
  12. transmitters and other products or equipment for transmission of sound, images or other data via telecommunications.
Consumer goods for entertainment
  1. radio receivers;
  2. television sets (4a);
  3. video cameras and VCRs;
  4. music entertainment units, audio amplifiers,
  5. musical instruments or equipment for recording and reproducing sound or images, including signals or other technologies for distribution of sound and images, such as via telecommunications.
  6. LED lighting
Lighting equipment
  1. lamps for fluorescent bulbs;
  2. stick fluorescent bulbs (5a),
  3. compact fluorescent bulbs (5a),
  4. high-intensity bulbs (5a), including high-voltage sodium vapor lamps and metal-halogen bulbs,
  5. low voltage sodium vapor lamps,
  6. other illuminations or equipment for diffusion or control of light other than filament bulbs.
Electrical and electronic tools (other than large-scale stationary industrial tools)
  1. drills;
  2. saws;
  3. sewing machines;
  4. equipment for scraping, cutting, drilling, crushing, sawing, carving, trimming, hole-cutting, splicing, compacting, distorting or other similar processing of wood, metal and other materials;
  5. machines for plating, nailing, screwing or removing nails, hooks, screws and the like;
  6. equipment for welding, soldering etc.;
  7. equipment for spraying, dispersing, spreading or other similar processing of liquid or gaseous substances with other agents;
  8. machines for mowing and other gardening activities.
Toys, recreational equipment and sports
  1. electric trains, racing car sets;
  2. handheld video game consoles; video games;
  3. computers for cycling, diving, jogging, rowing;
  4. sports equipment with electrical and electronic components;
  5. coin slot machines.
Medical devices (other than implanted and infectious products)
  1. radiation equipment;
  2. cardiology equipment;
  3. dialysis machine;
  4. oxygen machine;
  5. nuclear medicine materials;
  6. laboratory equipment for in vitro diagnosis;
  7. analysis instruments;
  8. refrigeration equipment;
  9. fertilization testing instruments;
  10. other equipment for detecting, preventing, monitoring, treating disease or injury.
Instruments for monitoring and control
  1. smoke detectors,
  2. heat regulators,
  3. thermostats,
  4. devices for measuring and regulating weight in the household or as laboratory equipment;
  5. other instruments for monitoring and control used in industrial installations.
Automated machines
  1. vending machines for hot drinks;
  2. vending machines for glasses, hot and cold drinks;
  3. vending machines for hard goods;
  4. automated teller machines;
  5. all appliances that make various products independently.
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