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We all once wondered where to dispose of or hand over electrical and electronic/electro/e-waste/old appliances?

Citizens can dispose of their e-waste in any ZEOS street waste container or green furniture, and they can bring large appliances to one of our recycling yards located as shown on the map below. 

The Door to Door Collection project is underway, read more information about the project here. If you want to use the free e-waste collection service from your home, fill out the order here. Your obligation is to prepare the e-waste in a bag so that it does not get wasted, and in case you are handing over a large device, you are obliged to take it out in front of your entrance at the agreed time, collection is done by express mail, which loads the device from the entrance with the help of the owner into the van. The maximum weight is up to 20 kg, which can be carried by one person. In the event that the device is large and cannot be carried by one person, the operator reserves the right not to fulfill the pick-up order. We kindly ask you, if you know that access to your location is not possible with a van, not to fill out an order for the collection of e-waste, because it will not be able to be carried out due to technical limitations.

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Legal entities may also bring their electrical waste free of charge to the ZEOS eco-system d.o.o. for recycling. A free pickup from the address is organized for quantities of 150 kg or more, (the e-waste holder is obligated to have their e-waste ready near or in front of the entrance to the building, unless he wants to pay for the removal service). As for smaller quantites of e-waste, the holder brings it to one of the recycling yards of the System Operator.

In both cases, one needs to fill out  the handover order.

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The e-waste holder is provided with the necessary handover documentation while the authorized collector, if necessary, also verifies the records prepared by the e-waste holder. The handover paperwork should match the equipment handed over, otherwise it will not be verifiable.

For any questions you can contact us here.

In the recycling yard
you can put off

In green corners
you can put off

In street container
you can put off

Large household appliances
Refrigeration appliances
Small appliances
Gas and fluorescent light bulbs

Small appliances + IT equipment (20x12 cm)
Mobile phones and batteries
Gas and fluorescent bulbs

Small appliances + IT equipment (45x45 cm)
Mobile phones and batteries


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