Management fees

Waste management fees apply to current and future clients. The said fee refers to the management fee paid by the client through the ZEOS eco-system d.o.o. System Operator for each placed/sold piece of electrical and electronic equipment in the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the System Participant completes the report in the application, an automatic calculation and invoice are made according to the specified price list, on a quarterly basis.

In addition to the said fee, all importers, distributors and manufacturers are to pay the general fee (0.02 KM/kg) to the Environmental Protection Fund, based on the Decision the Fund issues to them semi-annually.

Applicable management fees as of 2024.

Class of EE Equip Name of class of EEO (E-waste management fee) ZEOS eko-sistem d.o.o. management fee for  period from 2024. year
R1 Large household appliances 1,80
R1a Refrigerators and freezers 7,50
R1ac Air-conditioners 6,00
R2 Small household appliances 0,20
R3 Information technology (IT) and telecommunication equipment 0,20
R3a Monitors 3,00
R4 Consumer goods for entertainment 0,20
R4a Television sets 4,20
R5 Lighting equipment: illuminations 0,10
R5a Lighting equipment: other bulbs 0,10
R5 fluo Lighting equipment: stick fluorescent bulbs 0,04
R6 Electrical and electronic tools (other than large-scale stationary industrial tools) 0,20
R7 Toys, equipment for leisure (entertainment) and sports 0,06
R8 Medical devices (other than implanted and infectious products) 1,50
R9 Instruments for monitoring and control 1,50
R10 Automated machines 3,60
SO Class small equipment (all below 1kg except bulbs) 0,10
E-cigarettes Electric cigars weighing up to 0.050 kg 0,04
S-panels Solar panels 2,00

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